Something's Moving We are health artists
providing manual therapy, movement exploration, physical therapy We serve people of all ages & abilities, offering a place for learning & healing in a creative & supportive environment. We provide services in the Village of Los Ranchos, Albuquerque, & occasionally in Arizona & Virginia. We inquire "What is possible?" The body responds!

Our Practice We often work with clients who are already being treated by appropriate medical & mental health professionals. We do not treat disease. We only support the body's natural healing potential. Our work complements most other therapies & medical interventions, & we often refer our clients to physicians & other healthcare professionals. Clients come for sessions in order to experience relaxation, wellbeing, & healing. Our sessions may focus on reducing pain, increasing mobility, improving function, grounding, giving biofeedback, learning, clarifying, self-regulating. We encourage each client to actively participate during sessions, to bring awareness to breath, to feel the effects of sounds & thoughts & movements in the body. Often we will suggest self-care exercises with breath, sound, & movement to continue the healing process at home. Always, it is a process of remembering! Dogs, cats, horses, & birds may also receive our services if prescribed & supervised by a licensed veterinarian.

T:  505-345-3909     F:  505-503-7887