Something's Moving

Our approach toward wellness and healing

is largely influenced by our studies of TragerĀ® Movement Education, Continuum Movement, Lowen Systems' Fluid Pressure Dynamics,

Visceral Manipulation, Craniosacral Therapy,

& Autonomic Response Testing.


Essentially, we presume that a client's body is more intelligent than we are about what the client needs.  Therefore, if we can effectively listen to the body, we can more efficiently & effectively discern & support those needs.


To the degree that we come to a client with a sense of

exploration, of inquiry, of open-hearted presence, we can

allow the client's deep inner knowing to orchestrate the session

to meet his or her needs.  Sensory biofeedback allows

development of self-knowing.


Our task as health artists is to support each client to find his or her

way toward health, wellbeing, improved function, & joy.

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